About Us

It’s easy to imagine a restaurant like That’s a Wrap. Finding one is trickier.

The Idea
We’re an indie lunch and dinner spot featuring fresh takes on Mexican, Asian, and American fast-casual food by General Manager Matthew Gilbert and Consulting Chef Carol Blonder.

For 15 years, we’ve been passionate about a simple idea – to serve nothing but unique food that is fresh, healthy, and delicious. And we’re just as passionate about sharing it with you.

At That’s a Wrap, we focus on combining fresh, all-natural, and local (when possible) ingredients to create healthy dishes that are packed with flavor. Our housemade dressings, sauces, soups, drinks and desserts reinvent classic flavors and make our innovative, original offerings downright addictive. Inside we keep the vibe fun and friendly while our catering team runs all over town, bringing platters and boxed lunches to meetings, parties and gatherings of all sizes.

Simple Flavors
We believe in serving food that’s simple yet creative. We combine ingredients in ways that are flavorful, fun and satisfying. Our produce is delivered regularly, a guarantee that meals are fresh.

No Meat? No Problem
Vegetarians love us. We love them, too. Actually, everything on our menu can be served vegetarian – and most items are great vegan. There’s never a charge for substituting grilled tofu for meat. We’re also known for our jerked tempeh and soy-ginger portobello plates. If you’re looking for a place where meat lovers and vegetarians can eat happily together, this is it.

Part of the Neighborhood
It isn’t just about the food. That’s a Wrap is a fun place to hang out, too – just ask any of our regulars. Our interior is a great setting for that much needed, quick escape from the office. Our patio is the perfect place to have a beer or cocktail with friends after work. Stop by after the gym for a meal that won’t sabotage your workout. Order online and we’ll have lunch or dinner ready so you can pick it up and take it away. Our Camelback Corridor location makes us a convenient choice for lunch, dinner or whenever you’re hungry. So grab a Loyalty Card, find a favorite, and we’ll be calling you by name in no time.

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